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This browser allows you to navigate through the plethora of content on Power BI.
With the filters above you can specify parameters to narrow down the information. If you know where to start, we recommend starting with the language and your level of knowledge (here: 'Target').
The Group By preferences allow you to change the categories by which the visualization organizes the information. The 'area' (e.g., 'Dashboards', 'PowerQuery', 'General') and 'type' (e.g., 'Blog', 'Video', 'Training material') preferences are displayed over the honeycombs. To bring an area or type into focus, double-click on them. If you cannot find the relevant entries, try searching in the search bar.
For more information on entries of interest, select them and their profile. To compare entries, you can multi-select them by pressing CTRL. You can leave your favorites a "Like," which helps other users to notice them.
And finally, if you are missing a blog or article, please add it with "more content".

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